IT Auditstar Tracking Software

Optimize and Streamline your IT department so Youcan work smarter

Auditstar’s IT Tracking and Management Platform helps IT Departments work smarter, putting the power of real-time knowledge at your fingertips. Highly flexible, Auditstar works the way you do, on devices your team is already using, for quick and easy access to the asset information they need.

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The only asset tracking software you need.


Centralized Asset Database

No Expensive Scanners

Hosted in
the Cloud

Customer Support

Easy to


Auditstar optimizes your IT department by streamlining the process of tracking, managing, and supporting your IT asset tracking needs while simplifying every task related to them. Closing the loop between all the departments you service, Auditstar seamlessly connects each asset to an appropriate action—it can even serve as your help desk with our Enterprise Service Desk Module.

Your Auditstar, Your Way!

Flexible enough to change as your needs change, Auditstar’s unlimited fields and configurability allow the platform to become whatever you need it to be. With our free Mobile App, your team can work from anywhere on their own smartphones or tablets, or login online. Our intuitive interface makes using Auditstar a breeze, and integration with your existing systems is just as quick and easy. Simply import data from existing spreadsheets.

Your team has anywhere, anytime access to the real-time information they need: from serial number and model to who has the asset, where it’s located, and so on. Data is simple with our free Mobile App with built-in scanner (so that no hardware purchases are necessary). With visibility to the entire lifecycle of a particular asset you can better track and manage maintenance, repairs and upgrades. Add on our Enterprise Service Desk Module to streamline the process of help tickets and work orders, reducing the number of service calls you receive.

Flexible Platform

Configure to fit your unique needs today, and as your needs change.

Free Mobile App With Advanced Barcode Scanning Technology

Built-in barcode scanner works on devices you’re already using so you can access information from anywhere without additional hardware. Syncs with your cloud account. Android iPhone/iPad ICONS

Easy to Use

Our intuitive interface makes it simple.

Save time and Money

Replace those costly, time-consuming spreadsheets by seamlessly integrating data into the platform. (You can import data back to Excel if needed.)

Unlimited Users

Comprehensive database of high quality, real-time, up-to-date information that allows you to know everything there is to know about your assets.

On-Demand Acess

Know what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Customized Reporting

Makes data relevant and contextual. Organize data by location, category or any number of fields.

World-Class US-Based Customer Service

Solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Enterprise Help Desk Module

Reduce the number of IT support calls you receive by centralizing maintenance support requests and service orders in one place. Provide timely support services to every department in your organization.

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